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Kyoto Osaka and Kansai Region Real Estate Service

Updated: Feb 11

European Real Estate agent in the Kansai Region working with clients nation wide in Japan

Hi, My name is Franz Karl. I am an independent Real Estate agent for RE/MAX WINNERS in Osaka.

I have been living in Japan since 2006. I have lived in various regions of Japan and have many years experience in dealing with Japanese real estate agencies. I have rented private apartments, homes in both the city, and the country side, experience renting UR public apartments, and even experience working with an agency called 移住定住 (ijuu tejuu). This is an agency that helps people move out to the country side, and buying my own home in the country side.

I have lived in Nagoya in Aichi prefecture, Kyoto Fu in Kyoto City, Aomori Prefecture in Towada City, Shiga Prefecture in Otsu City, and Ishikawa Prefecture in Noto Chou.

I have used various real estate agencies including Sumo, Apaman shop, Chintai Jutaku Service, Mini Mini, UR Umeda and Kyoto centers, small real estate agencies in the country side in Aomori and in Ishikawa, and various property management companies all over the country. I also have experience directly contracting with a landlord. Finding a place to live on your own in Japan is not easy and very challenging.

Mission as a Real Estate Agent in Japan:

As a Real Estate Agent my missions is to help expats and foreigners in Japan to find comfortable places to live while they enjoy their life in Japan. I am based in the Kansai region and my services extend nation wide. As your real estate agent I will use my experience and make the process of finding a place to live easier.

RE/MAX WINNERS is an Award Winning Real Estate Agency in the Kansai Region

The RE/MAX WINNERS AGENCY at the RE/MAX Japan convention in February 2023. A powerful team of experienced Real Estate agents here to help you.

My Mission as a Blogger in Japan:

As a blogger my mission is to help expats and foreigners learn all about Japan from traveling, history, to raising a family, to dealing with city hall, and to help you enjoy your life here.

If your looking for a place to live in Japan please contact me:

Contact information in English:

My services:

Rental services, Private apartments and Private homes

UR (Public apartments)

Leo Palace

Buying land, homes, or apartments in Japan

Investment property in Japan

Where ever you are or where ever your from in this beautiful world. Enjoy the beauty of life around you. Thank you for reading and have a great day

Please Visit my webpage:

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