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Jyotish is know as Indian Holistic Astrology. It is a system of Astrology that was developed in India thousands of years ago. It is a very spiritual system based on the Nine visible Grahas (9 Visible planets) in the 12 zodiac constellations, the 27 Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions), Chakras, the 12 houses, and the harmonic chart system. 

About My Discovery of Jyotish 

 I have to tell you, my life really changed a few years ago when I decided to study Vedic astrology with Sam Geppi, through his Certification Course. I had no idea when I started his course that my life would change so much and my understanding about myself and astrology and karma would accelerate so quickly.

Sam has put together a few amazing videos to explain our personal evolution as seen through Vedic astrology and Cosmology:
#1 - "Your True Self (Cosmic Self)
#2 - "Your Unique Self" (in this lifetime)
#3 - "Your Smaller Egoistic Self" (Why you're stuck)
#4 - "The Joyful Path Home" (Navigating This Life)

Just click here - - and enter your name and email address and the videos will be sent to you over the next week or so. These are the ideas and philosophies that have really shifted my perspective of what is possible for me.

Who knows, you may even decide, like I did, to take a chance on the "Live Your True Nature" Vedic astrology Certification Course.
Sam makes it really easy to get started. He even guarantees that you will like the course.
But for now, don't think about that part.
Just sign up here - 
and get these great videos.

You should really know your true cosmic nature, and how you are trying to express that in your own unique way in this lifetime, and how it gets hung up on the illusions of this world. I am glad I understand this now. I want that for you also! These videos and teaching will help you with that.


Anyone who is interested in learning please check it out. 


Have a great day,


Franz Karl Gurtlinger 

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