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Living in any foreign country is really exciting. Weather its discovering new places, seeing a Matsuri (festival) for the first time, experiencing the language and culture, or exploring the local area everything is new and fascinating but it can also feel overwhelming especially when something unexpected occurs and the stresses of life set in.

Weather it’s the Japanese work culture, cost of living, loneliness, culture shock, misunderstandings, etc.  Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Living in Japan can be very stressful. This meditation can help.

Simple meditation to elevate stress.

  1. Sit still. This can be in any kind of position but try to make sure your back is straight, if you can’t do this at first just sit comfortably.

  2. Clear the mind, this might take time because our minds run wild with thoughts constantly coming and going. If you have a thought simply let it pass, once again clear the mind. This will take some time and discipline to get used to.

  3. Breath slowly. Breath in and breath out. As you breath in let the air fill your belly and as you breath out feel it release.

  4. Listen to yourself as your breathing deeply and slowly. This will also help you mind to stay clear.

  5. Do this continually for five minutes at the start and do not get discouraged if you sit there and thoughts constantly come just dismiss them and clear your mind again. After you reach 5 minutes, do it for 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes as long as you desire.

  6. Try to designate a time each day for this simple meditation, the more you do it the more it will become a holistic practice in your life.

There are many more benefits to meditation then alleviating stress and after you try it some of these benefits might even surprise you. Here are some other techniques to help cope with stress pranayama breathing, Wim Hof breathing method, yoga, the more difficult Sivananda yoga, exercise, aerobic activity and more. Try them and see what best fits your lifestyle. My holistic regime includes meditation, exercise, and various aerobic activities like running and Karate.

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