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Elegant Living in Kyoto

If Stylish Apartment For Sale in Historical 京都四条大宮 (Kyoto Shijou Omiya)

Building Lobby

The building is located near 4 Jou Horikawa on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

This is a video of 4Jou Horikawa Intersection.

Easy Access to Osaka and Kyoto Station

Located in the heart of Kyoto. Easy access to Osaka Umeda and Kobe from the Hankyu Line and Easy access to Kyoto Station Via Bus or the Subway from Kyoto's Karasuma Station.

Great Place for Shopping and Dinning Out

Great place for Shopping and dinning. The building is very close to 三条会商店街 (San Jou Kai Shopping street) which has many local business's, cafe's, restaurants, and Izakaya's. Its also in walking distance to Dai Maru, Takashimaya Department Stores, Nishiki Shopping street, and Teramachi Shopping streets.

The Building

The Entrance Way

The lobby is decorated in the traditional Kyoto style blending both nature and architecture

The Room

Here is a video of the Room

Shoes to put your shoes and a closet

The Kitchen

If you like cooking there is space for preparing food. It has a built in dishwasher.


Living Space with Air Conditioner

Bed Room and closet space

Washroom Sink

Bath Tube

Washing Machine Space

Toilet Room with small sink

How the Room Would Look Like with Furniture

How would the look filled with furniture? How would you design the interior of this room? These next few pictures will give you ideas on how to design the room. The next room is a show room designed for the same building it will give you ideas on what options you have to design the interior.

Living Room

The Kitchen

The Wash Room

Shoes Box


There are also other apartments available in a similar layout as the room with furniture inside. Though the furniture is not included, these pictures will give you an idea on how to design the interior of your room.


Sanjou Kai Shopping Street

Nishiki Shopping Street

Oike Dori

The area around the apartment is located right in the heart of Kyoto so there is a lot of shopping, dinning, cafes, and restaurants.

Historical Places of Interest

Shi Sen En

Ni Jou Jo

Places of historical interest near the 4Jou Horikawa are Shinsen En and 2 Jou jo both are in a 15 minute walking distance. If you like jogging in Kyoto this area is a really nice area to go jogging in the evenings.

If you have any inquiries about this stylish apartment for sale in Shijou. Please contact me

Have a great day and Thank you again,

Franz Karl Gurtlinger

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