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How does Real Estate work in Japan?

 How am I going to find a place to Live? 

Who can I trust to find that place to live? 

These are all questions on a persons mind before the move to Japan. 

What is the process of buying a home in Japan? 

Can I buy a home with cash in Japan? 

Can I get a mortgage to buy a home? 

What kind of mortgages are available? 

What banks can foreigners use to get a mortgage in Japan? 

How much money do I need for a down payment on a home? 

These are all questions asked by long term residents who want to buy a home in Japan. 


My name is Franz Karl I am an Independent Real Estate Agent for RE/MAX Japan. My home agency is RE/MAX WINNERS based in Yodogawa Ku near Shin Osaka Station. 

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X  You have to go to a local agency to find an apartment in the area you want to live. 

O RE/MAX WINNERS has access to a national database that can show any available property that is update regularly nation wide.  Weather your looking for a property any where in Osaka, Kyoto, or even Aomori (I have worked with a Japanese client in Aomori) or nationwide. We can find an apartment that fits your needs. 

X Key money and security deposit (礼金/敷金)are the only initial costs and the initial costs are determined only by the land lord and the Real Estate Agency. 

O Initial costs cover a variety of costs that include, Maintenance Fee, Fire Insurance, 24 hour support, Cleaning fee, first months prorated rent, guarantor company fee, locksmith fee (incase you loose the key), and anything else the Property management company requires. The agent Fee is the fee the Japanese Real Estate agency charges and almost all have the same including RE/MAX WINNERS is one months Rent and we offer a greater service then almost all Japanese Real Estate agencies. Key Money (A gift to the land lord) Security Deposit (This might be given back fully at the end of your contract) However if any reforms are done on the building or something breaks in the apartment this is used to cover it and you might only get a portion of the security deposit back. 

X Japanese Real Estate Agencies will help you if a problem comes up in the apartment. 

O Once you sign the contract and the key is in your hand the job of the Japanese Real Estate agency is done. If a problem does occur during your stay its up to you to use the 24 hour support, when you call this services its almost always in Japanese only or you need to contact the property management company and tell them about your problem. 



Once I hand you the key my service continues. If you need any help and a problem occurs in your apartment I will contact the Property management company for you so you can feel at ease. We will also help you find furniture for your apartment. 

Myths about  Private Japanese Real Estate Rental Properties 

 Rental Services

UR Apartments.png

UR (Public Apartments)
UR is managed by the Japanese Government. Foreign friendly, easy to contract, UR has an income requirement, and low initial costs

RE/MAX Winners is a UR Registered Agency. 


Rental Homes and Private apartments 2.png

Private Apartments and Rental Home 
Private rental properties from 1K to larger homes and business rentals
RE/MAX Winners also does Leo Palace Rentals. 


Buying Property

ap m Kitchen.jpg


If you want to live in Osaka, Kyoto, anywhere in the Kansai Region or in Japan we use a national data base to find the best property to fit your needs and lifestyle


Authentic or Modern Japanese 

Buying a home or property in Japan can be a very complicated process. We give you advice on how to better prepare yourself and successfully make a plan on buying the best home that fits your lifestyle.


Investment Properties or Business 
Real Estate 

Investing in rental properties or business real estate. If your interested in setting up apartment rentals, Air B and B, business rentals, hotels, 農家民宿/民宿(bed and breakfast style Japanese Inns) we can help you find a property that fits your goals.

Happy              Clients 3

Jeffery Gostick and Family

Anna Mari Llvi Ciptohartono

Me and my family came to Japan from Canada for 8 months so I could work at Osaka University as a JSPS visiting research fellow. We stayed in the on-campus housing at first, but life there was quiet and rather dull (not even restaurants nearby), so we needed to make a move. My wife found Holly, Franz and team on Facebook, and we are very, very happy we did. We’re living in downtown Osaka now, with so much to do and see. There is absolutely no way this could have happened without their help. Not speaking the language was a big problem, obviously, but there was so much more to this process, from processing a ton of paperwork, to having deep local knowledge to find good options. Holly and Franz were absolute pros. This move literally transformed our trip from boring to epic, and we can’t thank them enough. – Jeff, Lisa, Wes and Fraser from Canada

Thank you for helping me look for a new place and all the support until I can move in smoothly! I'm glad that I don't use a Japanese Real Estate Agency again! I'm really satisfied with the house and the surroundings, and my children like it! 

Thank you so much!

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Looking for a place in Japan Please Contact me 

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