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My name is Franz Karl and I’m an Independent Real Estate Agent from Europe helping foreign nationals find places to live in Japan’s Kansai Region.



My goal is to teach foreign nationals how the Real Estate process works in Japan so they can make good decisions on the right property to rent or buy that fits their needs. 

English Speaking Real Estate Agent who Understands the Japanese Real Estate Market

I have worked with many previous clients who have used Japanese Real Estate agencies past and really didn't have a clear understanding of the process they underwent. When I work with clients I always teach them how the process of renting or buying a place works, what the initial costs are need to rent an apartment, what documents are needed and why, what a Guarantee company is and why they run an examination, and I answer all your questions you might have about the entire process in English. 

 My home agency is RE/MAX WINNERS based in Yodogawa Ku near Shin Osaka Station. 

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Jeffery Gostick and Family

Anna Mari Llvi Ciptohartono

Me and my family came to Japan from Canada for 8 months so I could work at Osaka University as a JSPS visiting research fellow. We stayed in the on-campus housing at first, but life there was quiet and rather dull (not even restaurants nearby), so we needed to make a move. My wife found Holly, Franz and team on Facebook, and we are very, very happy we did. We’re living in downtown Osaka now, with so much to do and see. There is absolutely no way this could have happened without their help. Not speaking the language was a big problem, obviously, but there was so much more to this process, from processing a ton of paperwork, to having deep local knowledge to find good options. Holly and Franz were absolute pros. This move literally transformed our trip from boring to epic, and we can’t thank them enough. – Jeff, Lisa, Wes and Fraser from Canada

Thank you for helping me look for a new place and all the support until I can move in smoothly! I'm glad that I don't use a Japanese Real Estate Agency again! I'm really satisfied with the house and the surroundings, and my children like it! 

Thank you so much!

Heading 3

Brenda Arinitwe

From the moment I contacted RE/MAX WINNERS, I was impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to helping me find the perfect house. What stood out the most during my interaction with Franz was his commitment to making the entire process smooth and stress-free. His attention to detail and willingness to address all of my questions and concerns was greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone’s expertise and tireless efforts, I am now settling into a beautiful new home that perfectly fits my needs. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Brenda, Uganda

Basics of Real Estate in Japan

Types of Rooms in Japan

There are many variations of diffiernt types of home and apartment layouts but the most common ones are the following: 

1 R 

1 K 

1DK, 2DK, 3DK etc

1 LDK, 2LDK, 3LDK etc 

A little less common but these are also not hard to find: 

1 SLDK, 2 SLDK, 3 SLDK etc 

1 R (1 Room)

This a single room with a kitchen inside the living space. For many 1 Room floor plans the bathroom includes a toilet and bathtub. These rooms are very small.

1 K (1 Room with a Kitchen) 

This is a layout with one Room and a Kitchen separate from the living space. Bathroom for the most part includes a toilet and bathtub together.  It is not uncommon to find a toilet in a separate room from the bathtub.  This type usually ranges in size from 15 meters squared to 27 meters squared. This apartment is very common in larger cities in Japan and are usually meant for single person.


This is a layout with 2 Rooms, a Dining and Kitchen room. Depending on the size of the 2DK this layout might be big enough for couples or room sharing. This is entirely up to the landlord of the apartment. 


This is a layout with 2 rooms and a larger kitchen and dinning room. This type is usually big enough for couples, room sharing, or families. 


This is a common layout seen in homes. This layout is 1 service room which is usually a 和室 (washitsu). A Washitsu is usually a tatami room that is meant for meeting visitors who come to the house.  3 Rooms, a large dining and Kitchen. I recommended both foreign nationals and Japanese clients with families and smaller children to rent homes because homes are more child friendly than apartments are. 


Why are Homes more child friendly than apartments in Japan? 

Children tend to make noise. Many apartment buildings in Japan are made of wood. You can easily hear nose from other apartments in a building.  Not all apartments are made of wood, some are made of concrete which helps protect against noise from neighboring apartments. 

Also one more thing I like to mention about homes. From experience I find it easier for foreign nationals to rent a home over renting apartments.

What is UR? 

UR is Japanese public housing. RE/MAX WINNERS is a UR Affiliated agency. UR to contract is foreign friendly and its easy to make a contract and easy to cancel a contract. UR apartments are available all over the Kansai Region in Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Shiga, and Wakayama Prefectures. I have helped several clients contract with UR. 


Please copy and paste this link to my blog post on UR apartment


 Rental Services

UR Apartments.png

UR (Public Apartments)
UR is managed by the Japanese Government. Foreign friendly, easy to contract, UR has an income requirement, and low initial costs

RE/MAX Winners is a UR Registered Agency. 


Rental Homes and Private apartments 2.png

Private Apartments and Rental Home 
Private rental properties from 1K to larger homes and business rentals
RE/MAX Winners also does Leo Palace Rentals. 


Buying Property

ap m Kitchen.jpg


If you want to live in Osaka, Kyoto, anywhere in the Kansai Region or in Japan we use a national data base to find the best property to fit your needs and lifestyle


Authentic or Modern Japanese 

Buying a home or property in Japan can be a very complicated process. We give you advice on how to better prepare yourself and successfully make a plan on buying the best home that fits your lifestyle.


Investment Properties or Business 
Real Estate 

Investing in rental properties or business real estate. If your interested in setting up apartment rentals, Air B and B, business rentals, hotels, 農家民宿/民宿(bed and breakfast style Japanese Inns) we can help you find a property that fits your goals.

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Looking for a place in Japan Please Contact me 

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