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Five Perfect Places to Explore in the Kansai Region

The Kansai Region is made up of five prefectures, Kyoto Fu, Osaka Fu, Nara Ken, Shiga Ken, Hyogo Ken Wakayama Ken, and for the most part Mie Ken. Would you like to enjoy a day of exploration in and around Kyoto Fu, Osaka Fu, and Shiga Ken. Here are five perfect places to explore in the Kansai Region.

5 石山寺 (Ishiyama Dera)

Ishiyama Dera is a mountain temple overlooking Seta river just south of Lake Biwa in Otsu city. This historical temple is full of history, lush green forests, sacred rock formations, and beautiful pagodas. A great place to ignite ones creative imagination with inspiration as it did for famous writer 1,000 years before at the height of the Heian period. I call this temple the temple of the full moon because Murasaki Shikibu was inspired by the beauty of the full moon's reflection on Lake Biwa and wrote the tale of Genji at this beautiful temple.


Hop on the (新快速)Shikaisoku or 普通電車(Local train) on the JR Biwako Line for a 12 minute ride from Kyoto station. and Get off at Ishiyama Station in Otsu City. Take the Keihan bus from Ishiyama station to Ishiyama Dera.

Address: 滋賀県大津市石山寺1丁目1-1

For a nice walk on the Seta River you can also from Ishiyama station to Ishiyama dera which takes around 30 minutes from the station.

Bonus Destination: 唐橋 (Kara Hashi) A famous Japanese style bridge in Otsu city.

Map of Ishiyama Area:

4 嵐山 (Arashi Yama)

Forests of 竹(Bamboo), nice mountain breeze, traditional Japanese architecture, cafe's and restaurants, near and along the Katsura River. Arashiyama is a great place to see beautiful new spring flowers and blossoms, escape the relentless summer heart of Kyoto city to enjoy the river, see the beautiful autumn foliage, or enjoy light snow fall in a picturesque landscape Arashiyama is a great place to escape the city and enjoy a walk in nature.


From Osaka

阪急線 (Hankyu Kyoto Line) Easily accessible from Osaka Umeda or Juso station's. Get off at Katsura station and change to the Arashiyama line.

From Kyoto Shijo Omiya

嵐電(Ran Den)

Take Ran Den from Kyoto City Shijo Omiya and get off at Arashiyama Station.

From Kyoto Station

Take the Sanin Line from Kyoto Station and get off at Saga Arashiyama Station.

Map of The Arashiyama Area:

3 天神橋6丁目と天神橋商店街 (Tenjin Bashi Roku Chou Me and Tenjin Bashi shopping Street

Here is a link to this Tenjin Bashi shopping street.

Located in Osaka's Kita Ward Tenjin Bashi Shopping street is one of the longest and busiest shopping streets in Japan. Tenji Bashi Shopping street is a great place to try local Kansai cuisine, enjoy shopping, and visit different points of interest between Tenjin Bashi 6 Chome and The Yodo River.


From Osaka Station take JR Kanjo Sen and get off at Tenma station.

From Hankyu Kyoto Line

Take the Osaka Metro from Hankyu Awaji station and get off at Tenjin Bashi 6 Chou Me suji.

All of the Red Pin Points show the Tenjin Bashi Shopping street.

Just from this map you can get a feel of how long this shopping street really is. There are so many new tastes and sites to see around every corner. Enjoy

2 中崎3丁目 Nakazaki 3 Choume

Located in Osaka's Kita Ku. This neighborhood gives an interesting blend of an artisan style and funkyness. Full of cafe's, fun shops, and restaurants just footsteps from Umeda. Great place to check out and spend the afternoon.


Walking distance from Umeda Station. Just put in this address in google maps and walk from Umeda Station: 大阪市北区中崎町3丁目 and explore the area.

Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line and get off at Nakazaki Chou

Map of the Location of Nakazaki cho 3 cho me:

1 伏見大手筋商店街と竜馬通り商店街 (Fushimi Otetsuji and Ryoma Dori Shopping streets)

If your interested in History, Samurai, and Sake this is a great place to visit. This area is famous for Sakamoto Ryoma and other Samurai who lived at the end of the Edo Period.

Places of interest

1 御香宮神社 (Goko no miya Shrine)

2 会津藩駐屯地跡 (Aizu Clan Military Base)

3 寺田屋 (Teradaya, a site where the Terada incident, a famous Samuri fight took place. (This is where Sakamoto Ryoma's wife worked)

4 石舟乗り場 (Jukoku Boat Peir) Sight seeing boat tour that tells the history of the port of Fushimi.

5 Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum, Great place to visit if you enjoy Japanese Sake.


From Kyoto Demachi yanagi, San jou, Gion shi jo, shichi jo etc: take the Keihan Line and get off at Fushimi Momoyama station. Make sure to take the local train.

From Kyoto Station: Take the Kintetsu Line from Kyoto Station to Momoyama Goryou Mae station. Make sure to take the local train.

From Osaka: Take the Keihan Line anywhere from Yodoya bashi to Kyobashi station. Get on the Limited Express train from any of these stations and get off at Chushojima.


Which ever destination you choose please take your time and explore the taste, culture, and the history of everything around you and enjoy the Kansai Region.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed the post, and have a great day.

Franz Karl

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