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Public Apartments in Japan

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Basic UR public apartment

Ishiyama UR complex in Shiga Prefecture

What does a basic Public Apartment in Japan look like?

The Ishiyama UR complex in Shiga prefecture has 14 buildings. This complex is small in comparison to much larger UR complexes in Osaka or Kyoto. Most URs in Osaka and Kyoto have easy access to train stations but some do not. Ishiyama UR complex is approximately 4km from Ishiyama JR and Keihan station's and its located in the hills of southern Otsu. There is a large bus stop close by the Ishiyama complex where a bus stops there about every 15 to 20 minutes and goes to Ishiyama station. This complex is not too out of the way but it might be easier to have a car or motor bike if you live in the Ishiyama complex.

Out of the way UR complexes in Hyogo

There are many out of the way UR complexes in Hyogo prefecture like the Nakayama Satsuki Dai UR complex in Takarazuka. Its located almost on top of mountain. There is two benefits to this complex. One unique part of the Nakayama Satsuki Dai Complex that many UR complexes do not have, a great a view of Osaka and Kobe that is especially beautiful at night. The apartments are larger and for their size fairly inexpensive. Another out of the way Danchi that has a great view in Kobe is Green Hills Mikage.

Ishiyama UR complex is quite and Green

Ishiyama an out of the way UR complex but if you like a quite and green environment with lower rents it would be a great place to live.

Here is the layout of a basic UR apartment at Ishiyama UR Complex


Just an example of a 3K floorplan at the Ishiyama complex

Above is the floor plan for a 3k apartment. 3k means 3 rooms and a kitchen. In this floor plan 3 rooms are all Tatami Rooms. Separate toilet and bathroom. There is a lot of closet space, balcony to dry your clothes, and if you like to cook the kitchen is fairly large.

What a 3K public apartment looks like in Japan

The quality of the pictures I took at this apartment were not very good so I am sorry about that but please enjoy.

Kitchen in a UR 3K apartment. There is plenty of space for pots and pans for cooking. Though the sink and area for drying dishes is quite small.

If you want to add space to the kitchen just leave the sliding doors open.

The two above pictures of the tatami room near the kitchen. This can be used a living/dining room.

Could be used as a bedroom or a second room.

This is the room nearest to the balcony. This can be used as a bedroom, extra room, etc.


Just an example of the monthly rent for a 3K apartment at the Ishiyama complex

This is a 3K floor plan its 45 meters squared of space

Rent: 30,400 Yen

Management fee is 2,600 yen

30,400 + 2,600 = 33,000 yen a month Rent.

Rents at Ishiyama UR complex Vary from 30,000 yen to up to with UR discounts such as the under 35 discount and as the apartment is discount. The most expensive rents at this complex can be as much as 44,000 yen. The average rent at the Ishiyama UR complex is about 40,000 yen. The Ishiyama UR complex is fairly affordable in comparison to other URs in Kyoto, Osaka, or Kobe.

Again I apologize for the bad quality in pictures again, I hope you enjoyed today's article.

Where ever you are or where ever your from in this beautiful world. Enjoy the beauty of life around you. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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