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My Discovery of Jyotish

What's Jyotish? Jyotish is know as Indian Vedic Astrology

It is a Holistic astrological system that was developed thousands of years ago in ancient India. This system based on:

27 Nakshatra's. The Nakshatra's are known as the 27 Lunar Mansions of the Sky.

Based on space and 12 Constellations or Zoadic on Earth's Elliptical plane.

9 Graha's (Planets) Visible to the human eye in the nigh sky.

12 Houses

7 Chakras

Harmonics of the 12 houses known as the Harmonic Charts.

The Stars intrigued me as a child As a child I was always intrigued by Space. I think I was four years old at the time my father and I were sitting outside watching the stars one night. He pointed out the big dipper to me and told me that on your 77th birthday and you look up at the big dipper you will see the light from the day you were born. This intrigued me so much I never really stopped looking up at the stars.

Discovering Jyotish Even though I have studied the science around the stars and planets, I have always felt there was something more to the planets and the stars than their scientific makeup. I felt that all these elements have spiritual vibrations that are directly connected heart and soul of the Universe similar to an underlining spiritual energy or vibration. This is where I started delving into Astrology. I did a brief study into Western Astrology system but this system was based on a system which is based on the topical system based on the season's on Earth. This system which puts the planets in places where they are not physically located in the sky and in Zoadic signs where they are not currently located. This made me loose interests since in the night sky I would look up at Saturn and see it in the constellation of Aquarius when the western topical system is telling me Saturn is in Pisces. The topical system made me loose interest in Western Astrology. The actual sky as science studies it is called the sidereal sky and this is where I found Jyotish which uses the actual sky in Astrology.

Jyotish Astrology I discovered Jyotish around 2010 and it became a hobby. I studied it off and on by learning about this subject through websites, watching Jyotish teachers online, and reading books about the subject.

Finding the Right Teachings

Between 2017 and late 2018 I was listening to a few different Jyotish teachers on You Tube. This method of study really gives a lot of information but it also does not give a really frim foundation on where and how to build on these studies. In 2018 that foundation had finally arrived. I was listening to a Jyotish teacher on you tube who was having a guest on his program. That guest was Sam Geppi, a Jyotish Vedic Astrology teacher and the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science . Listening to him explain how the system of Jyotish worked was very inspirational and easy to understand. I Immediately subscribed to his You Tube channel and listened to many of his videos.

Taking Sam's Certification Program: In June of 2021 I entered into the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science studying the Level 1 certification. It was an online course which was very convenient for people like myself living in foreign countries. Sam's certification program laid out the foundations of Jyotish Vedic Astrology in a simple and clear cut way. In December of 2021 after six months of intensive study I passed the Level 1 Certification Exam.

Level 2

In April of 2022 I entered into Sam's Level 2 program. This program started where the level 1 program left off. The level 2 program curriculum. The program's main objective is how to read charts and Sam provided thorough templates that could easily teach beginning students how to read Astrology charts. This level also gave a more in-depth study of the Moon Yogas, how to conduct relationship readings, short readings, career readings, and reading harmonic charts. In December of 2022 I passed the Level 2 certification exam. Currently I restudying both Level 1 and 2 programs once more to hone in on my Jyotish skill set.

Future Goals in Jyotish Astrology:

Is to take my skills even further and do deeper studies into Jyotish. Build a professional Real Estate and do Astrology reading professionally world wide.

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