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Kyoto Snow Storm

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

東本願寺 Higashi Hon Ganji Temple in Kyoto

On January 24th 2023

There was a snow storm in Kyoto. Snow storms are rare in Kyoto. This storm affect most of western and northern Japan. This is a picture of the outside of Higashi Honganji on Karasumi Dori.

東本願寺の阿弥陀堂門 Higashi Hon Ganji Amidadou Gate

You can also see the snow falling in the picture.

This is Kamogaway from the 7Jou Bridge.

A finish to a beautiful day

A great finish to a beautiful day. I helped a Ukraine couple find an apartment in Osaka earlier in the day. I showed them a variety of apartments and had a nice Sushi lunch with them. They decided on a public apartment called a UR which they will be moving in shortly. URs are available in most larger cities in Japan including Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara, and other larger cities all over the country. It was a great day.

When the JR lines fail, your options

On my way home, I arrived at Kyoto Station and realized the JR trains were running 120 minutes late. If you are not familiar with the train system waiting is your only hope but there are some better options.

  1. Look if there are any alternative forms of transportation available. Other train lines that go to the same place and are still running on schedule.

  2. If none of the train lines are running on time, try using the a bus.

  3. If all forms of transportation are not running than your left with Taxi. A taxi can be very expensive especially after 10pm in many cities around the country. If you have to use a taxi make sure you have at least 5,000 yen Cash on hand if your going far more than 15 Km. or credit cards. Most stations in Japan have タクシー乗り場 (Takushi Noriba) Place to take a taxi. Line up and wait for a taxi. Taxis are running almost all the time.

Where to find the Kyoto Station Taxi Platform

If taxi is your alternative. Kyoto station is very big and can be hard to nagivate. If your looking for a taxi in any kind of weather the Taxi platform is loacted at The taxi platform is located 八条西口 Hachi Jou Nishiguchi exit.

What you see when you exit the JR line by the West Exit. Make a left at the west exit and you will see this sign. Hachi Jou Nishi Guchi. Go to this exit.

As you take the Exit at Hachi Jou Nishi Guchi you will see two stairways. Take the stair way on the left which is the みやこみち(Miyako Michi Stairway)

On the way down the Miyako Michi stairway you will see the Taxi Platforms. Walk straight.

Foreign friendly taxi and the Regular taxi platform.

If the JR Line is stopped and you need to get home to Otsu or points East in Shiga Prefecture you have an alternative.

In my case on January 24th. There was an alternative train line to return to Otsu. I took the Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line to Karasumi Oike and changed to the Tozai Line. The Tozai subway line can take you to Rokujizo or Hamaotsu if you going to East. It connects to the Keihan line and it takes you to Hama Otsu station in Shiga. I returned to Shiga but late in the evening.

To Biwako Hama Otsu from Kyoto Station is about 530 yen

It was more expensive and took more time but I got home.

When your traveling home from school, work, fun, or anything and bad weather or other natural phenomena interrupts your travels it is always good to know alternative routes to your destination.

Where ever you are or where ever your from in this beautiful world. Enjoy the beauty of life around you. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Please visit my website, Your Guide to Kansai and the Hokuriku Region

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