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Buying and Reforming Home on Noto Peninsula

Updated: Jan 29

This will be a series of Articles on buying process, the reforming process, and making it a home into a bed and breakfast.

Home and Layout

This picture was taken at the first viewing of the home my wife and recently bought in the town of Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture.

間取り まどり madori (Layout of rooms) Layout of our home in Noto Town

Ishikawa Perfecture is located in the heart of the Hokuriku Region

能登半島 のとはんとう Noto Hantou (Noto Peninsula) Noto Peninsula is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Japan. Full of green Valleys, rolling hills, clear blue water, mountain rice fields like Senmaida in Wajima, Meiji and Edo Architecture, traditional Japanese festivals that have been continued for hundreds of years, and from Toyama Bay you can see the beautiful snow caped peaks of the Norther Japanese Alps. Clearly one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in Japan.

玄関 げんかん Genkan (Entrance)

Staircase near the Entrance way.

Another picture of the Entrance way, the items here will give you an idea of the size.

One of the tatami hall ways and Japanese stain glass design

Japanese Irori in one of the rooms

Spacious Kitchen that is going to be reformed

Second Floor

One of the rooms on the second floor and a wooden hallway. The floor has a Wajima Nuri Finish.

The main hallway on the second floor

Main rooms on the 2nd floor

The green room on the 2nd floor

In total our home has 13 rooms, a spacious kitchen, and a garage. My wife and I are going to put a lot of reforms to the home. One of the first reforms will be a new entrance way doors and a garage door. We will also reform the electricity, make a new Japanese Irori, reform the kitchen, put in a new bath/shower unit in which my wife and would like to make it similar to Onsen style, reform the WC, and do some light reforms of the outside of the home.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this post. I will be also posting more information about buying a home in the countryside, reforming our home, how to buy homes anywhere in Japan, and writing many other articles about Noto Peninsula.

Where ever you are or where ever your from in this beautiful world. Enjoy the beauty of life around you. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Please visit my website, Your Guide to Kansai and the Hokuriku Region:

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