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京都二条(Kyoto Nijo) A Beautiful Place With a Rich History

This is Nijo Castle (二条城)

Welcome to Nijou, This beautiful neighborhood was the center of Heian Kyo. It also has a very rich history that had a great influence on Japanese culture for over 1,000 years. When I lived in Kyoto I also live in Nijo. This area was one of my favorite place to live in Japan.

平安京 (This is Hean Kyo) This is a map of Kyoto during the Hean Period. During this period Nijo was the site of Japanese Imperial Government during this time period.

Shin Sen En The sight of Japan's First Hanami or Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan:

This is Shinsen En Temple. This is one of the oldest Temple gardens in Kyoto. It was built in the year 749 by Emperior Kanmu as a Garden for the Imperial palace. 812 Emperor Saga held the first ever Cherry blossom viewing here. Over its history Shin Sen En hosted banquets, Sumo bouts, visited by many poets, and more.

二条城 Nijojo

The current Nijojo was built at the beginning of the Edo Period and founded by Tokogawa Ieyasu and the new castle was completed in 1626. Part of the land used to build Nijoujou was part of the original Imperial palace which included parts of Shin Sen En. It was built as residence for the Tokugawa Shogun when traveling to Kyoto from Edo.

Nijo Today

This is Nijo Today

Nijo is located in Kyoto's Nakagyo Ku Ward. Its between Sen Bon Dori and Horikawa Dori from East and West. Maruta Machi to the North and 4 Jo Dori to the South.

This is JR Nijo Station

Modern Nijo has many hotels that are along Sen Bon Dori that are easy to access from JR Nijo Station on the Sanin Sen.

三条会商店街 San Jokai Shouten Gai 

This is one of the longest Shou Ten Gai's in Kyoto City. Shouten Gai is called shopping street in English. If you like to see how Local Japanese live and shop this is a great shopping street to visit. This shopping street has many small and locally ran business's. Cafe's, restaurants, shops, and super markets.

I took this video when the shopping street was less busy to show you how long it is. This is from the center of the Shopping street looking East to Horikawa Dori.

This is looking west toward Sen Bon Dori.

Hiro Meat Market. This is a great place to buy meat and there croquets are very delicious.

Next to Hiro Meat Market is 弘焼肉, 焼肉 (yakiniku) is Korean Barbecue in Japanese. Hiro is one of the most popular Yakiniku Restaurants in Kyoto and have several restaurants including one near Kyoto Station.

This is 弁当元気や (Bento Genki Ya) this is a small fruit, vegetable market that sells fruits, vegetables, and Bento and Sushi for an inexpensive price.

Here is a 海鮮丼 and a 老上海 restaurants. 海鮮丼(Kaisendon) Seafood Don Restaurant. Seafood don. Is rice topped with various sashimi fish and shell fish, Rice topped with fish such as Maguro (Tuna), Sake (salmon), Buri, etc. 老上海 is a Chinese Restaurant. 上海 means Shanghai so this restaurant is shanghai style Chinese food. 老 This Kanji is in Chinese I looked it up but it might mean old in Chinese so it could stand for Old Shanghai. Both of these restaurants have a great taste.

This is one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants in Kyoto its called Gihan Ebisudou. This restaurant is very famous for Sho ron po. Its located near the Horikawa entrance of Sanjo Kai Shoten Gai. If you like Chinese food and are in Kyoto I recommend this restaurant. Its great. Also its closed on Tuesdays. Open for lunch from 11:30 am to 14:30 and Dinner from 17:30 am to 21:30 pm

This is Brulee Sweets

This is one of my wife's favorite dessert restaurants. They sell a dessert called Brulee which is similar to a donut glazed on the top with caramel and with custard in the center. Its a great snack for dessert.

There are also many cafe's, bakery's, bread shops, and restaurants on San Jo Kai Shopping street.

A Great Place to Live

If you looking for a place to live in Kyoto and you really enjoy history, shopping, and tasting local foods 2 Jo is a great place to live. I lived here for a few years in the mid 2010s and really enjoyed life here. If your interested in finding a place in Nijo or anywhere in the Kansai Region place contact me.

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